Bodhizone Physical Therapy and Wellness

“Bodhizone is dedicated to mending and promoting the mind, body and spirit through the use of Osteopathic Medicine, Holistic Physical Therapy, Integrated Chiropractics, and Exercise Science while incorporating a balance from the healing arts of the far east”

About Bodhizone

Bodhizone Physical Therapy & Wellness was created at the onset of the new millennium in order to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and rehabilitation.  Co-Founder and Director of Rehabilitation Services, Dr. Scott A. Weiss has had the pleasure and good fortune to travel around the globe with USA Sports Medicine.

Working with both Olympians and Paralympians, Dr. Weiss has integrated treatment methods that incorporate extensive manual therapy, a multitude of exercise applications, international modalities, movement therapy and body awareness that is applicable for all ages and for all injuries.

Dr. Weiss’ specialty is sports medicine with an emphasis on the extremities.

At Bodhizone, we noticed early on that combining therapies like Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Physical Therapy and Osteopathic Medicine truly makes us stand apart.  Our comprehensive and holistic approach to rehabilitation has been invaluable to our patients and has proven time and time again to be paramount to our practice.

Since 2000, Bodhizone Physical Therapy & Wellness has established the reputation of providing one-on-one patient care in a compassionate and encouraging environment. We are an independently owned practice trusted by family physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, physical medicine specialists, and over two decades of satisfied patients, professional athletes, performing artists and Olympians.

Our goal is for every patient to reach their maximum physical potential so they can return to work, life, and play pain-free.