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Jillianna Richcrick

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Name: Jillianna Richcrick

Position: Certified Pilates Instructor


Jillianna's love for Pilates is supported by her passion for education. Clients can expect a challenging but safe full body workout at any level, as Jilly will adapt to a client's specific needs or "body mood" for the day and work towards one's farthest goals. With Jilly, our clients are reminded to enjoy the physical journey, that the mind control is necessary for muscular control and that more is not always better. Jilly also has an aggressive approach to Pilates for those clients who are strong enough to power through sequences. With our diverse clientele and teaching staff, Jilly often reminds us that she too learns something new everyday! Jilly holds trainings with Romana Kryzanowska and Stott Pilates, as well as certificates in gait analysis, pelvic floor control and scoliosis.

She has taken numerous continuing education courses with Stott Pilates (mat work interval training along with courses on the shoulder girdle, knee stability and function, and lumbo pelvic region), and has also completed the Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries workshop at Mt. Sinai Medical Center.