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Joseph Maggio

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Name: Joseph Maggio

Position: Acupunture


Joseph has always had a desire to serve people in ways that make major differences in their lives. From doing community service work in high school and college working at a soup kitchen and at camps for underpriviledged children to volunteering in the Peace Corps in Ukraine as a teacher and mentor to children and young adults across the country, he has always had the motivation to help others.
Through his Peace Corps service, he noticed several ailments he began to suffer from, notably gastrointestinal disorders. Through those trials and tribulations of finding what alleviated it and what didn't, he began to take more of an interest in holistic health. It was there too that he learned meditation. By the last year of his service, he vowed to dedicate himself to his health through eating more appropriately, exercising and meditation.

When he returned to the US, he took up the study of Ba Gua Kung Fu at Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts in NJ, where he studied there for 5 years. He also enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which is a 6 month course to learn the basics of holistic healing, through diet and lifestyle practices. It was there he learned from one of the guest speakers -- the well-known and highly sought after Herbalist and Healing Practitioner Paul Pitchford. He soon after was able to have a one-on-one consultation with him to learn more about the proper direction to go.
Through his experience with Mr. Pitchford and his own studies, the theory around Chinese dietary therapy and Acupuncture began to resonate more and more. It was only a few months after he finished the course, that he enrolled in Acupuncture school at Pacific College in NYC. He had never received Acupuncture before but knew it would be part of his path. Graduating in 2015, he soon became licensed to practice in New York state. His specialities are treating musculoskeletal disorders, headaches, emotional challenges and digestive issues through Acupuncture and practical lifestyle recommendations.
He currently is studying under several esteemed practitioners in NY and NJ in Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Shamanism. He loves what he does and sees it as a lifelong process of growth and giving to others.