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How to Avoid Lower Back Pain While Cycling

low back pain cycling


Cycling is good for you

  • Cycling is a fun and healthy way to exercise and is easy to fit into your daily exercise routine. It is a low-impact exercise when compared to other high-impact aerobic activities, yet cycling helps you get into shape.
  • Cycling is a good exercise to lower your risk from stroke, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancer and depression. Cycling is good for your health and it is environmentally friendly.

How cycling hurts your lower back?

Irrespective of the various advantages of cycling some cyclists still suffer from lower back pain. Younger cyclists are particularly prone to lower back pain. There are many underlying reasons for cyclists experiencing lower back pain. The most common causes are:

  • The cyclists choose incorrect bike geometry, riding bikes that are too big causes improper flexibility and thus hurts the lower back.
  • Young cyclist with poor spinal health will suffer from low back pain. Poor spinal health is developed by hunching forward while working on a computer, eating at the dinner table or by poor posture (improper ergonomics).
  • Personal health issues like leg length discrepancy or any spinal injury can increase the occurrence low back pain.

How to prevent low back pain while cycling?

Choose the correct bike

  • Always consider the bike’s dimension and ergonomics before buying a new bike. Take a test ride for more than 30 minutes and observe how your back responds while cycling.
  • Never choose big-size bikes where you must lean forward and bend too far to hold the handlebars as this can lead to back pain.
  • People with poor spinal health or any low back conditions can choose a reclining bike that is ergonomically designed and supports the back.

Maintain proper cycling position

  • Your posture during cycling is important and can prevent you from lower back pain.
  • Keep your back flat, straight, stable and well supported.
  • Gently lift and lower your head at equal intervals so that you can avoid neck stiffening or any muscle strain in the neck.
  • Try to keep your arms 10 degrees slightly bent while gripping the handlebar. This position will absorb the impact and vibration on your upper body instead of your spine.

Strengthen your core muscle

  • Though cycling strengthens your body muscle it is important to strengthen the core muscle before cycling.
  • The abdomen, stomach, pelvis and lower back muscles are referred as core muscles. Strong core muscles work in harmony and reduce the risk of any low back injury.
  • Swimming is considered as one of the best core strengthening exercise.

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