5 pillars of training

BODHIFORCE training was created at the onset of the new millennium in order to fill a void with comprehensive exercise and overall wellness.

After studying numerous fitness training methods, as well as various martial arts styles of the world, Scott has isolated key training principles that provide an excellent foundation for successful participation in any sport or physical endeavor.

A combination of boutique style exercises like Latte Burke and Pilates, ancient fitness applications like Chi-Kung and Tibetan Yoga, along with present day Exercise Science, unify into his 5 Pillars of training, which are the core commandments of BODHIFORCE.

  • One: Never do the same workout twice.
  • Two: Picture-perfect technique is a must, NO EXCUSES!
  • Three: Ocular focus is key.
  • Four: Breath awareness.
  • The fifth and final pillar is to “Challenge your spirit”.

When these concepts are applied to any physical performance, from dance to football, from bodybuilding to golf, when you come to understand the true spirit and fundamentals of movement, it becomes effortless. With BODHIFORCE training, you will come to acknowledge the essence of comprehensive training and be able to create efficient workouts for a lifetime.

Click here to see a short explanation of Bodhiforce Training from Dr Scott Weiss.

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