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Bruce Lee’s Training Regimen

According to some of Lee’s early training notes, his daily abdominal workout included:

Waist twists – four sets of 90 repetitions.

Sit-up twists – four sets of 20 repetitions.

Leg raises – four sets of 20 repetitions.

Leaning twists – four sets of 50 repetitions.

Frog kicks – four sets of 50 repetitions.

Lee further developed this routine by adding additional sets of sit-ups, side bends, leg raises, “flags,” twists and back bends to his abdominal workout. The “flag” exercise was a particularly difficult drill Lee devised for working the abdominal. While lying on a bench, he would grasp attached uprights with both hands and raise himself, supported only by his shoulders. Then, with his knees locked straight and his lower back raised off the bench, he would perform leg raises. (copied by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky)

General Barbell Exercises

(Bruce performed these 3 days a week)

Exercise Sets Repetitions

Clean & Press 2 8

Squats 2 12

Pullovers 2 8

Bench Presses 2 6

Good Mornings 2 8

Barbell Curls 2 8

Forearm Exercises

Underhand Wrist Curl 4 sets of 17

Overhand Wrist Curl 4 sets of 12

Leverage Bar Curl (A) 4 sets of 15

Reverse Curl 4 sets of 6

Leverage Bar Twist 3 sets of 10

Punching Exercises

Straight Punch with Weight 3 sets of 12

Glove Straight Punching 2 sets of 12

Entering Straight Punching 2 sets of 12

Glove Elbowing 2 sets of 12

Glove Hooking 3 sets of 12

Stamina/Agility Training

,Alternate Split 3 sets of 20

Jumping Squat 3 sets of 10

Skip Rope 5 sets of 5 min. bouts

Grip Training

Every Chance Daily

Neck & Shoulders
The wrestler’s bridge,

Upright row

Standing barbell (military) press

Clean and press .

Behind the neck straight bar shoulder press

Seated dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell lateral raise standing