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Chiropractic – Diagnosis and Treatment

chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is a non-drug and non-surgical type of healthcare. Chiropractic care involves diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system using gentle spinal changes and manipulation.

It is a natural way to revive and correct the spine position and help to heal your physique and reduce pain.

Chiropractor and their role

Chiropractors NYC use their own targeted diagnostic tools for deciding upon the well being issues of their patients.

Chiropractors rely on different diagnostic strategies with a view to fully analysing what is happening in the patient’s musculoskeletal system and how a healing intervention would bring about positive results in the patient.

How chiropractors diagnose a misalignment?

During your initial consultation with the chiropractic healthcare professional they will acquire understanding about your total well-being and your medical history. You’ll be asked to fill out some forms and your answers will support your chiropractor in making a prognosis.

chiropractors diagnose chart

  • Posture test is an easy way to check when the patient is sitting or standing. Improper posture leads to spinal mis-alignments, muscle spasms and sub-luxation.
  • The chiropractor observes your walk pattern. Marching or strolling in position may reveal inconsistencies between the pelvis and backbone.
  • The chiropractor measures flexibility by making you bend in distinctive directions and could help in the evaluation of stiffness and abnormal curvature of the backbone, as obvious in scoliosis.
  • In the Psoas Muscle experiment, the chiropractor gently pushes on the raised leg to determine force, ache or imbalance of the joints between the vertebrae.
  • Measuring the size and length of each leg helps the chiropractor check if there is a discrepancy in leg length. The chiropractic adjustment helps to balance the pelvis and proper leg length discrepancy.
  • Other checks may be performed by the chiropractors like bilateral evaluation of physique weight, muscle spasm/trigger point analysis, reflexes, sensation and muscle testing.
  • Bodhizone uses Graston Technique and Active Release Technique for chiropractic treatment.

X-ray tools for diagnosis

  • X-ray is an important diagnostic tool in chiropractic care. It is allows us to see a more precise layout of the body’s interior design.
  • Since there is a harmful effect to the body by ionizing radiation the x-rays are arranged only if necessary.
  • Once a set of x-rays are taken for your spine it may be repeated to look for improvements after treatment.

MRI and CT scans

  • If X-rays don’t furnish as vivid of a picture as a chiropractor expects then Magnetic Resonance Imaging or CT Scans are suggested because it is a different innovative imaging procedure that is used to study in detail the state of the bones and the other structural alignments.
  • Chiropractic care is free from any type of surgery, X-rays only allows the chiropractor to see the design of the bones in the body.
  • Bodhizone uses Graston Technique and Active Release Technique for chiropractic treatment.