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Cranial Nerve Assessment (Sideline Exam)

I. Olfactory = Smell (Vanilla, Cinnamon)

II. Optic = Visual Acuity & Visual field (Ocular Pursuit / Peripheral Vision)

III. Occulomotor = Accommodation (Pupillary light reflex)

IV. Trochlear = Eye Movement (Superior Oblique Muscle)

V. Trigeminal = Sensory to face -Motor to Muscles of Mastication P.E.R.L.A. (Pupils, Equal, Reactive to Light & Accommodation)

VI. Abducens = Lateral eye Movements (Lateral Rectus Muscle)

VII. Facial = Facial Muscles (Whistle / Pucker, Wrinkle Forehead, Close Eyes) -Taste at the tip of tongue

VIII. Vesibulo-cochlear = Auditory Acuity (Tuning fork, Pill Rolling) -Balance (Rhomberg Test)

IX. Glossopharyngeal = Taste on back of tongue – Phonation -Articulation of words, Swallowing (Say Ah)

X. Vagus = Gag reflex (Use a tongue depressor (TD)

XI. Spinal Accessory = Trapezius & Steroncleidomastoid (SCM) Shrug Shoulders

XII. Hypoglossal = Muscles of tongue (Resistance with TD) Tongue Protrusion