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A physical therapist can help you to recover from almost an injury and educate you on how to prevent future injury. PT and strength training can be practiced at any age, relative to past medical history, prior /present injuries and overall physical abilities.

Physical therapy can help you to manage your activities of daily living and daily function a lot more easily while dealing with chronic or ongoing health conditions such as spinal stenosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and aging.

A physical therapist works with you to establish your short and long term goals. They will analyse your medical and physical profile completely in order to create a program of educational strengthening, range-of-motion and muscular endurance activities to meet your needs and demands of daily life.

Physical therapy Avoids Surgery

  • The physical therapy helps you eliminate chronic pain or heals the body from an injury. This will avoid many surgeries.
  • There is a form of pre-surgery procedures that when carried out by the physical therapist allows the patient to recover from surgery faster and stronger.

Helps to manage many medical conditions

  • Physical therapy plays a key role in diabetic treatment. In a diabetic management plan exercise acts as a specific factor in controlling the blood sugar.
  • In cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or heart procedure, the patient will receive physical therapy to maintain their daily functioning.
  • For lung, related diseases physical therapy acts as a major recovery factor for many people.

A crucial factor in sports pain recovery

  • Physical therapy excels in treating and recovering patients from any sports injury. It assists in managing the pain and prevents further damage.
  • It helps to rebuild, strengthen and increase the movements in parts of the body after an injury.
  • One can come back to their normal activity faster by practicing the strengthening and stretching exercises prescribed by a physical therapist.

About Bodhizone

Bodhizone Physical Therapy and Wellness was created at the onset of the new millennium in order to bridge the gap between strength and conditioning and rehabilitation. We have 4 clinics in New York (Grand Central, Astoria, Bayside & The Hamptons) and provide care to everyone at a level that Olympic athletes receive. The services we offer are physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, massage and more.

If you’re looking to build yourself up as an athlete, why not take personal training from us? Where better to train than a place that has built up professional athletes to the highest degree.

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