It’s Time to Return to Life!

What we have learned 

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2020 has taught us many things about the world, human nature, and our ability to adapt to change. There is one thing we have all learned for certain, the quality of life we lead moving forward should focus on the core of yourself. One of our main objectives at Bodhizone Health & Wellness upon return is taking care of ourselves from a mental, physical and spiritual standpoint. Even the sun shines from the inside out.

Covid-19 has changed our perspectives and all our lives to some extent. Returning to life at its fullest may produce a different normal but this is just an ever-evolving landscape that had been sped up by the pandemic.

Many of us were not as physically active as we should have been as others were introduced to exercise and mental health for the very first time. Being physically active, having uninterrupted time for yourself and being around others is vital to our existence. We must all find a balance.

What we have to offer

Bodhizone’s Health & Wellness services directly align with the focus inward. We offer medical services and a wide array of therapeutic providers from physical therapist and chiropractors to acupuncturists and Chinese medical practitioners. You don’t have to be an Olympian to be treated like one.

Contact Bodhizone to discuss your personal needs. Call us 347 507 5877 or fill out our contact form.

Physical Activity at Home Does Not Need to Stop

Over the pandemic, the use of digital fitness has skyrocketed.  Both live and recorded classes for almost every part of the body and sport can be found on these programs.    This digital interface is not going away and will only get more advanced.  We must all embrace this new normal in the health and fitness space.  To learn more about our on line classes and educational courses reach out to us below.


Activity in the fresh outdoors

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Not all exercise must be done on- line in a digital fashion. We must not forget about one of the best forms of exercise, walking outdoor.  Walking can be with a slow pace or a face pace and on many surfaces, you can decide.  Furthermore, brisk walking on most days of the week is linked to increased aerobic fitness. Gardening this time of year is another great form of exercise as is cycling.  Don’t limit yourself, get outdoors in the fresh air and exercise. Remember, exercise is cumulative. It all doesn’t have to be done in one setting and its not all about huffing and puffing.  Break it up throughout the day and you will still reap the same rewards.

Wellness Roundtable is our Private, Hippa Compliant, Cyber Secure, Telehealth Platform

Bodhizone: Doctor on a laptopCovid-19 has changed the way everyone does business. With the burgeoning use of Telehealth, Bodhizone Health & Wellness now offers exercise sessions, physical therapy sessions and Chinese medical advice all on line. Can’t make your appt? Try a Telehealth visit.
Have to reschedule you PT visit? Try a Telehealth session instead.

Nutrition Corner

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Partaking in intermittent fasting, has clearly been linked to a plethora of benefits, including improved blood sugar control, reductions in inflammatory markers and weight loss. Methods are by hours or weeks. 16:8 refers to hours. One would eat in an eight hour window but fast within 16. Moreover, one can eat normal for 5 days but severely limit calories on 2 days, aka 5:2. Either one works just don’t lower your calories too much throughout the week too much as this has been linked to the weakening of bones.

Did You Know

Switching to either Almond, Oat or Soy milk is not only a better health choice for milk but actually better for the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions in its production.

Sports Medicine Corner

With more people exercising outdoors, running, hiking and playing sports we all must remember to stretch one of the most important weight bearing muscle complexes in the body, The Achilles.

Physical Therapy

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Bodhizone offers effective, non-invasive Physical Therapy for pain relief and increased mobility in 6 locations in the New York Metropolitan area:

What is a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is a professionally trained, licensed health care professional that treats patients by reducing pain and disability through improving and restoring mobility. They can also provide physical therapy for human performance and sports including injury prevention, recovery from injuries. Bodhizone Physical Therapy & Wellness has 6 locations over NYC that provide excellent care. You can book an appointment at the top or call us.

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If you’re looking for a personal trainer or program in New York, then please contact us on 347 507 5877. Or you can fill in your details in the contact form below and we will get back to you.

Lets Stay Healthy and Get Back to Normal