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Knee Pain

What is knee pain?

In today’s world knee pain affects almost everyone in society at some point in their life.  Each injury has its own specific mechanism of the knee injury and of course the treatment. You may feel this pain suddenly after an exercise or sport (article), but like much wear and tear or arthritis can creep up on us all. Proper strength and flexibility is the key here. Over half of athletes that exercise face some sort of knee related pain that year and seems to affect women more than men. It surmised that greater hip to knee geometry is slightly wider in women thus increasing knee forces. It is 2nd most common musculoskeletal complaint that brings people to the orthopaedic doctor.

Common causes

Osteoarthritis – This causes damage to articular cartilage, mild swelling of tissues in and around the joints. The pain may get worse after putting weight on the knees and become stiff if you don’t move for a while.

Gout – A kind of arthritis that attack, sudden stiffness, burning pain and joint swelling. It is caused by more uric acid present in the blood. When it is too high, the uric acid form crystals in the joints.

Sprains and strains – If you think like the pain occurs due to more activity than usually what you do, then you have probably strained or sprained the knee. Knee tissues stretched a bit, but not aren’t damaged.

Tendonitis – this connects the kneecap to shin bone that causes patellar tendonitis. This condition is sometimes known as jumper’s knee due to the activities of volleyball and basketball.

Anterior pain – this will occur in front of the knee, around the kneecap known as anterior knee pain or patellofemoral pain syndrome. The pain occurs by sitting for prolonged periods, kneeling or using stairs.

Osgood schlatter’s disease – if you see a sign of swelling, tenderness in below the knee cap.

Cartilage damage or Menisci – A cartilage offers cushion between the shinbone and thighbone. Occurs sudden twist in the knee joint, swelling, results in pain, and occasionally locking of the knee.

Bursitis – it is the inflammation of a bursa located near your knee joint. Small fluid-filled, pad-like sac that minimizes cushions and friction points between bones and tendons near the joints. Each knee has 11 bursae.

Who get knee issues?

Women, men and children. It occurs in people of all races and ethnic backgrounds

How common is knee pain?

It is common especially among athletes. Responsible for about one-third doctor’s visits for bone pain and muscle.

What involved in a physical examination of knee?

The doctor examines the knee movement while placing a variety of positions and perform some in-office tests. He or she also assesses the appearance of knee and compare it to Good knee.

What are sudden injuries?

It caused by direct blow or from abnormal twisting, falling and bending.

What is runner’s knee?

It is the term used to describe several disorders includes iliotibial band syndrome and patellafemoral pain syndrome.
It is common among runners. Affects athlete participates in activities requires a lot of knee bending such as jumping, walking, and biking. Usually causes aching pain around knee cap.

What are the common risk factors for knee pain

What causes patella pain?

We can be alerted of the pain by any structures of the knee. For example, the pain causes by meniscus, ligament, muscle, bone, and many other structures.  These injuries are usually subsequent to trauma and or overuse.  It is an emergency that if you cannot bear weight on the knee, then it is swollen or has an obvious deformity.


Many people affected by pain and the most common issue are Arthritis. It is technically known as joint inflammation. This term used loosely to describe many other diseases that affect the joints. Basically, joints cushioned by the soft tissues. Swelling occurs if fluid accumulates in these tissues while bones are worn down, assuming another, not as beneficial shape. You will notice that the joint appears bigger than normal or irregular in shape as stated above. Joint swelling is a symptom of a chronic condition, and it’s a sign of an injury which needs medical attention ASAP.

A common symptom of osteoarthritis is knee pain; it is a disease that causes a gradual breakdown of cartilage in the joints, most people suffer from this at some point in their life. This type of pain comes with gradual and unlikely after an injury.


It can occur as a result of a direct blow or sudden movements which strain the knee beyond its normal range of motion. Knee pain issues (article) are a result of a lifetime of normal wear and tear as the joint wears out over time. The common injuries are

Parts of knee

The knee is comprised of cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Bones and cartilage

The pain occurs at the junction of 3 bones


Diagnostic Tests

What to expect physical therapists?

The physical therapist will start to develop a customized rehabilitation program includes knee education, exercises, and stretches. If you already suffered from pain, then therapist helps with a plan of possible more exercise that strengthen the knee without increasing further damage. Initially we have to find an aerobic modality that one can do comfortably. Some choose walking, aquatic exercise, rowing or swimming. Depending on age and severity of the knee problem the therapist may select treatments such as:

How chiropractic can help you? 

Chiropractic physicians are effective in evaluating and solving  pain concerns. They understand the body as a whole and appreciate that knee pain doesn’t only affect the knee. They get involved when it affects the spine and other joints. Adjustments loosen up the muscles, relieve tension and get the joints in the spine to move easier. It is the successful way to treat the pain and dysfunction. A chiropractor determines the pain’s source and treats naturally and holistically.  They have a multitude of treatment modalities. They may use lasers, physical agents, special treatment table and much more. Without a doubt, our chiropractic group is an integral variable in our treatment philosophy.

Rehabilitation Exercise Program 

Inflammation Reduction

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