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What is Your Metabolic Rate at Rest? How Many Calories Do You Need In A Day?

By: Scott Weiss DPT, ATC CSCS

How Much of That Should Come From Carbohydrates, Fat & Protein?

Convert pounds to Kg. by dividing your weight by 2.2. In the case of a 145 pound female, that number equals = 66Kg. 145/2.2 = 66

Multiply the weight in Kg. By the Resting Metabolic Rate factor (RMR). – RMR factor = 0.9 for Females and 1.0 for Males.

Example) 66 X 0.9 = 59 Now, multiply that number by 24. This is the minimum number of calories per day that your body requires to sustain HOMEOSATSIS. Example) 59 X 24 = 1,416 (For a more accurate calculation, research the Harris-Benedict Formula)

Carbohydrates = 2-3g / lb. ~55-60% of Total Calories

Protein = 1-1.5g / lb. ~15-20% of Total Calories

Fat = .45-.65g / lb. <30% of Total Calories

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