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NY Liberty

NY Liberty

January 10, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being written on behalf of Scot Weiss. Scott worked for me at Adelphi University as a student athletic trainer. At that time, I was the head athletic trainer and Scvott was one of the many students that volunteered in the training program. Very early into Scott’s tenure with me, I realized that Scott was going to be one of my best students. Scott exemplified a willingness to learn and be challenged. He was able to juggle school, a job, and volunteering withus. Scott picked up things very quickly and as a result, his responsibilities with in our athletic training room were greater than those of the other student trainers. I felt very comfortable having Scott cover practice on his own. He also traveled with our teams to away games and provided all treatments and cared for all injuries that occurred during the game.Scott also worked with the assistant athletic trainer on implementing the strength and conditioning program for the lacrosse team.

I now work with the New York State Liberty as the head athletic trainer and have consulted with Scott regarding

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