The Interdisciplinary Team

Recovering from pain and injury can be a complicated process. After a thorough google search and perhaps multiple opinions, you probably found a lot of conflicting advice about pain, injuries & exercise.

Here at Bodhizone, we acknowledge that pain is complicated. There is no silver bullet cure for orthopedic issues. Recovery can be frustratingly slow, and it is easy to become suck along the path to recovery.

We believe a team of practitioners working together is the best way to provide optimal treatment when recovering from injury or maximizing health. Each discipline brings different perspectives and approaches to facilitate the healing process.

Here at Bodhizone, we provide the most complete care possible. We guide recovery, assess movement problems and identify potential injury patterns.

We do this by working as an interdisciplinary team of licensed health care professionals, guiding you to optimal physical performance. Whether through our human performance lab, physical therapy, medical care, Chinese medicine or personal training, we work together to make sure you have access to the resources you need to maximize your health.

The Team

Physical Therapist: Movement experts. Assesses strength and flexibility impairments. Utilizes exercise, manual therapy, and modalities to maximize the body’s ability to move well and recover properly from injury or surgery.

Human Performance: Training your body to improve overall strength and conditioning via elite-level fitness testing.

Ask your healthcare practitioner or front desk to see if your insurance qualifies, and we will work with you to provide the most complete care we know possible.