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Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is a professionally trained, licensed healthcare professional that treats patients by reducing pain and disability through improving and restoring mobility. They use non-invasive techniques, often removing the need for expensive surgery and long recovery periods.  Dr. Scott Weiss and Kosta Kokolis, the two owners have saved hundreds of people from going under the knife.  Moreover, this reduces the need for long term use of prescription medications and thereby avoiding their side effects.

The physical therapists also provide lifestyle guidance, functional independence and exercise prescription which helps patients manage their present condition and the patient education helps avoid further pain and injury. The physical therapist is vital the healthcare and wellness milieu.

The physical therapist starts by performing a full examination, performing tests and measures while at the same time asking questions about the patient’s overall health, lifestyle and past medical history. After the examination, the therapist produces a plan of care to return the patient or athlete to full function and well being. Various techniques are at the physical therapist disposal to speed up the recovery process.  They use laser, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, vibration as well as Chinese medicine.

All to reduce pain and improve the daily function of the affected part of the body. Physical therapists also work with patients in the preventative realm.  The exercise prescription and holistic approach to rehabilitation and life enhances each patient’s well being leading to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

To become a physical therapist, one must pass an accredited graduate degree program consisting of course work in but not limited to exercise science, human anatomy, biomechanics, massage and musculoskeletal medicine.  The university degree culminates in either a master’s or a doctorate. After graduation, the physical therapist qualifies to take the licensing exam in their state of choice.

This allows them to practice in that state only with no reciprocity. Other requirements may be needed according to each individual university and then each therapist must practice under the bylaws of physical therapy in their respective state.

Without a doubt, the physical therapist is an integral part of the healthcare system and in private practice.  Taking care of orthopaedic, cardiac, neurological manifestations and so much more make the physical therapist and the job of physical therapy one of the top 10 professions of 2020.

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