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Bodhizone Human Performance and Sports Physical Therapy is the most customer-focused physical therapy and athletic training center in NYC. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and even track our patients’ feedback in real-time to constantly monitor it.

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Google Reviews

  • I cannot say enough about Scott! After months and months of a crushing shoulder injury with pain and loss of motion Scott fixed me. He is so professional, knowledgeable and... read more

    Jena Kingsley Avatar Jena Kingsley

    I have been treated by Dr. Weiss and his team at Bodhizone. Dr. Weiss's wealth of knowledge in the areas of anatomy, physiology, and exercise science are unparalleled. His decades... read more

    David Spierer Avatar David Spierer

    Scott FIXED my Frozen shoulder. For almost a year I tried other physical therapy services. No one was able to help me. Scott is a professional and the real deal.... read more

    Ronnie Cohen Avatar Ronnie Cohen
  • I have been going to Bodhizone for years. The team there is absolutely the best!

    Dane John Avatar Dane John

    Have attended Bodhizhone Human Performance for almost 10 years now. Scott and his staff have helped keep me healthy, in shape, and mentally strong throughout our years of working... read more

    Daryl Homer Avatar Daryl Homer

    Scott consulted me the same day I got a sport injury. It was an emergency situation. During the next visit he checked my spine and told me what was wrong... read more

    Diana Borisova Avatar Diana Borisova
  • I went to a physical therapist in Midtown Manhattan upon a friend's recommendationand ended up on pain meds for 3 weeks, Then /ifound Dr. Scott Weiss. When your body hurts you... read more

    Ross Ellis (STOMP Out Bullying) Avatar Ross Ellis (STOMP Out Bullying)

    Have really gotten a lot out of my appointments at Bodhizone. The staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I have learned a lot about movement and how different parts of... read more

    Derek McIver Avatar Derek McIver

    Dr scott is the best PT i have ever worked with. He is gentle and has great bed side manner. He made my back issues easier to live with. he... read more

    Arlo Siegal Avatar Arlo Siegal
  • I love the staff and therapists at the Grand Central Office! I been a patients here for a while and have always been well taken care of, and provided at-home... read more

    Alexa Castro Avatar Alexa Castro

    Clean and friendly office. Really helpful with my injury. I couldn't walk when I went in and was able to walk a bit better when I left. the front... read more

    Tanya Hackshaw Avatar Tanya Hackshaw

Yelp Reviews

  •   Bodhizone has helped me tremendously! Dave and the team are so knowledgeable and they all work together to help as much as possible. They all have the patient's best interest... read more

    thumb Kimberly S.

      Amazing physical therapy. Very professional and they achieve results.

    thumb Lawrence K.

      I had never been to a chiropractor before and had a great experience here. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful, and I enjoyed working with Dr. Bui after I... read more

    thumb Jessamin C.
  •   I came to Bodhizone 6 months ago right after surgery for rotator cuff tears and now I am near completing full recovery of range of motion and strength. The staff... read more

    thumb Murray S.

      Dalton, Dr. Lee, Justin, Dr. Dao Thai and the rest of the Bodhizone team have been super helpful in rehabilitating ankles. Before coming in, I had a hard time walking... read more

    thumb Keenan B.

      Best PT I Have been to for a dancer/cycling instructor!  I broke my elbow and I am very stubborn dealing with slower PT appointments. They had me work hard and... read more

    thumb Lauren S.
  •   Started physical therapy for a foot stress fracture with the trainer's at Bodhizone and felt all the anxiety melt away after the first session.  The staff is incredibly easy going... read more

    thumb Veronica Q.

      Super attentive staff. Very personalized attention. Front desk, PTAs, DPT, Dr. Deo -- all caring and concerned!

    Super close to 6 train

    thumb Marna H.

      For the first time I love going to physical therapy, thanks to the awesome staff at Bodhi Zone! Manali, Goldie and all of the therapists have been so helpful, friendly... read more

    thumb Marnie K.
  •   Staff is best all are knowledgeable and professional.  They all genuinely care about their patients and very personable   I can't thank them enough.

    Ed Swarnes

    thumb EJ S.

      Ok, this is *extremely* overdue (sorry guys!!), but finally I'm here to tell you that Bodhizone is the best. Dr. Li is super nice and gentle and friendly and he'll... read more

    thumb Nica M.

      I've been getting physical therapy here for about 3 months so far. The facility is clean and the staff are friendly. The physical therapists are knowledgeable and extremely thorough. Regardless... read more

    thumb Toni-Ann A.
  •   I came across BodhiZone after having a microdiscectomy for my L5-S1.  After 5 weeks of recovery, I was cleared to begin physical therapy.  After check several recommendations from friends and... read more

    thumb Jon R.

      I came in with a running injury. Scott was great. Very thorough and patient, definitely knows what he is talking about.  Obviously hoping not to get injured, but God forbid... read more

    thumb Tatyana A.

      Good care. Trust is everything with healthcare and you can trust the therapists with your loved ones

    thumb Amy W.

Facebook Reviews

Written Testimonials

Richard- Lawrence, N.Y.

When I was laying in the Emergency Room, awaiting the verdict on my broken leg, I was looking for something to help me sustain a positive attitude. The first thing that came to mind was: “at least I will be able to go to Bodhizone for my physical rehabilitation.

Beverly- East Hampton, N.Y.

Bodhizone Physical Therapy has been a wonderful experience for me. My therapist recommended exercises that quickly started to positively affect my pain. His empathy and assessment of my pain helped me to gain confidence from the outset that I had made the right choice.

Jose- Bronx, N.Y.

My therapist was very enthusiastic and had a positive influence on my improvement. The technicians/aides were very courteous, helpful and friendly. The receptionists were very helpful and professional when it was necessary to reschedule my appointments. Excellent service, very clean facility, friendly, helpful, responsible and courteous staff. I felt at home.

Sabrina- Manhattan,N.Y.

I suffered from cervical radiculopathy for two years and went to many physical therapy clinics before I found Bodhizone. The staff therapists were so knowledgeable and within 5 treatments my arm was not tingling and my entire neck felt more flexible. My humble thanks to all, at this wonderful facility.