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Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy and Exercises for the Shoulder

Scroll down for the 22 most common questions about shoulder pain.

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Here we discuss physical therapy for shoulder pain, the common causes, and when to see your doctor.

The shoulder is the most movable joint in the body. It is made up of a unique ball-and-socket joint with three main bones namely the humerus, the clavicle, and the scapula.

The shoulder has a wide and versatile range of motion.

Physical therapy for shoulder pain

woman doing physical therapy shoulder exercise

  • Physical therapy is a non-surgical procedure that helps you with your shoulder pain.
  • Initially, the physical therapist does a complete evaluation and tests using various techniques.
  • If your shoulder condition requires surgical treatment, consult with your general practitioner’s guidelines intently to protect the shoulder. Post-operative physical therapy can assist with regaining normal movement and energy after your surgical procedure.
  • Generally, physical therapy strengthens and increases flexibility. If you are suffering from acute pain a simple exercise like shoulder blade shrug exercise and shoulder blade squeeze will help you to reduce the pain.
  • It is important to follow your physical therapist’s advice and instructions intently. Ask questions when you have any.

Purpose of the shoulder joint

  • The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint that makes the shoulder move forward and backwards and allows the arms to rotate, move up and away from the body.
  • The variety of shoulder movement is by the rotator cuff. It is made up of four tendons which are the tissues that connect muscles to bones.

Women feeling shoulder whilst doing sporting activity.

Common causes of shoulder pain

  1. There are many conditions that cause shoulder pain. The most common cause of shoulder pain is rotator cuff tendinitis.
  2. Bone spurs are bony projections that are developed along the rims of the shoulder bones causing severe pain.
  3. Swelling of the bursa sacs, that protect the shoulders or swelling of tendons can also cause pain.
  4. Pinching a nerve in the shoulder or neck will give a sharp pain.
  5. Any injury or breaking a shoulder or arm bone, frozen shoulder, and dislocated shoulder are the other common causes of shoulder pain.

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Be careful when shoulder pain occurs

  • If you are suffering from sudden severe shoulder pain, please don’t ignore it. It might be a sign of a heart attack. The other associated symptoms of shoulder pain are trouble breathing, excessive sweating, and pain in the neck. If you think your pain is related to a heart attack, you should stop reading and call 911 immediately.
  • Contact your doctor if you injured your shoulder and it’s swollen, bleeding, or has any exposed tissue.
  • Whenever you feel heat and tenderness around the shoulder joint, inability to move your shoulder, and pain persists for more than a week of home treatment then it’s high time to visit your Doctor.

Bodhizone founder and owner Dr. Scott A.Weiss is an expert in shoulder pain. Read his contribution to Men’s Journal:

Why Does My Shoulder Crack and Pop?

 Woman holding shoulder, pain radiating shown in red.

22 Questions People ask About Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Physical Therapy

Exercise for Stability and strength, flexibility and Manual therapy for Range of Motion, Physical agents, electrotherapeutics, Ultrasound, and Laser for pain, just to name a few.

Massage, exercise, posture, and therapeutic exercise.

Depends on what the injury is. A minor sprain or strain may last 7-10 days, an ACL tear can last up to a full year.

Uses multiple modalities to treat pain, ROM, strength, and function

Usually, exercises below the level of the shoulder are tolerated first. Rows, curls, and tricep extension as well as internal and external rotation.

There are a few types of shoulder impingements and are all treated slightly differently from a primary or secondary impingement to an internal impingement.

Yes, but the amount of weight and technique are everything. Start light and perfect technique is a must. Start with below the shoulder exercise first as it’s safer.

Repetitive strain injuries that happen over time. Infection and inflammatory disorders like frozen shoulder.

Anything traumatic should be evaluated by a professional but if the pain is not going away within one week and possibly getting worse it’s time to get an examination and treatment plan from a physical therapist.

Electric Stimulation, Ice, anti-inflammatories, and gentle ROM

It can be a sign of repetitive strain injury but also a diaphragm, spleen, or heart attack depending on what shoulder.

Pain with movement above the shoulder or with compression to the joint.

A lack of full ROM secondary to joint degradation, cracking or grinding with a range.

Cartilage is so worn down that bone is on the bone without any fluid or cushioning. The next step is joint replacement

A lack of full ROM secondary to joint degradation, cracking or grinding with a range that has eroded the joint space over time

This is similar to the feeling of osteoarthritis with an enhanced systemic inflammatory response usually affecting other joints.

If not from trauma, The top three reasons are rotator cuff injuries, bicep tendon injury, or labral tears

This can be related to a herniated disc in the neck or cervical spine

We use anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, naproxen sodium but and MD may prescribe toroidal a behind-the-counter product with a prescription needed.

Work on the major muscles. Traps, biceps, triceps, rotator cuff tendons, and the deltoid muscle

If after acute trauma use ice. After 4-8 hrs start using heat. When sore go with ice but other than that use heat for enhanced Blood flow.

The above questions and answers are for information only. If you are suffering from shoulder pain, book an appointment at one of our NYC centers or a home health care visit and get a proper examination and medical diagnosis. Bodhizone will then set up a treatment plan and advise you on the best way forward and the proper exercises for your specific condition.

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