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Does Smoking or Diabetes Cause Lower Back Pain?


Why smokers need to quit smoking?

An office worker may chalk up the ache to an uncomfortable chair. A construction worker could possibly have a sore back blaming his jackhammer. But if both characters turn out to be smokers then there may be a single common reason for their pain.

In recent years, researchers have shown a connection between smoking and low back pain. In a study smokers appear to be more likely than nonsmokers to suffer sore backs. It affects both males and females, manual laborers and white-collar employees.

The investigation develops interesting questions on the root causes of pain. In addition it gives smokers an entirely new reason to quit.

Why smokers are affected by low back pain?

  • Smokers are three times more prone to chronic low back pain. This was first published by a research group that aimed to diagnose the causes of Low back pain.
  • The study concluded that the onset of lower back pain was greatly associated with a history of smoking and high blood pressure.
  • The development of lumbar spondylosis was highly correlated to a history of smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels in the blood.

How smoking is related to Low back pain?

  • As per the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, the nicotine in the cigarettes affects the brain processes like the central perception of pain and sensory stimuli.
  • The cigarettes affect the path that brain sends its pain signal.
  • Smoking slows down the circulatory system and inhibits the nutrient supply to the muscle tissues and joints and thus results in lower back pain and other musculoskeletal pain.
  • The researchers published that “Smoking increases the hazard of transitioning to CBP [chronic back pain], an effect mediated by corticostriatal circuitry and an addictive behavior.”

Diabetes and low back pain

Generally, diabetic patients suffer from a great variety of musculoskeletal pain out of which some are subclinical and correlated with other diseases. Many humans with diabetes additionally have fibromyalgia (an arthritis-associated illness that causes extensive muscle and joint pain and fatigue), arthritis or other painful conditions.

What research says?

  • Surveys of people with diabetes have recorded a persistent low back pain goes from 20% to over 60% when compared to the non-diabetic people. Usually, people with diabetes include back pain and neuropathy pain within the toes or palms.
  • Pain has been proven to intrude with self-control activities, sleep, physical functioning, work, family relationships, temper, and ultimately the quality of life.
  • Most of the time pain is often invisible to others, so the circle of coworkers and health-care professionals regularly don’t have any concept when someone is in pain and what they are going through. Many people sense that their physicians don’t recognize it and tell them that they should stay with it.

What is the remedy for low back pain with diabetes?

  • Physical therapy is the great medicine for diabetic people suffering from low back pain. Simple exercise and stretching will reduce the pain and prevent you from suffering further pain.
  • Bodhizone have trained Physical therapists who will guide you completely and help to increase your quality of life.

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