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Wellness Round Table

Telehealth at Bodhizone Physical Therapy & Wellness, PLLC

Telehealth is projected to grow worldwide to greater than 10 million users by 2018, according to the World Market of Telehealth.

In recent years, telehealth has proven to be an extremely effective and a cost-efficient way to deliver health care. Physical therapy is no exception, and while telehealth services have developed mostly in rural areas to accommodate the long distances between patients and providers, telehealth in physical therapy is burgeoning in other geographic areas and clinical settings.

Here at Bodhizone Physical Therapy & Wellness, PLLC based in New York City, we make it easy for patients from all over the globe to access the expertise of our NYC based physical therapists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors and athletic trainers.


Simply go to www.wellnessroundtable.com

And start your online healthcare journey…… :)