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Written Testimonials

Amanda Wierbowski

Posted on Monday, July 2018

My name is Amanda and I’ve been a patient at the Bodhizone Gramercy location since April. I wanted to send you a note to let you know that my experience with all practitioners and staff have been wonderful. I’ve seen Dr. Tai Ly, Dr. Dalton Gilligan and Deven Walters – all of whom I cannot recommend highly enough.

The most exceptional member on the Gramercy team is absolutely Isabelle in reception. She is a pleasure to work with; she’s so incredibly kind, patient, and helpful with clients and fellow employees. Most notably, she has gone out of her way to help me work out a few issues and answer a few questions about my insurance. Her assistance has kept me as a regular client at Bodhizone. It is such a joy to walk into or call the office and be greeted by Isabelle. I do hope she gets the recognition in the workplace she deserves – she’s truly such an asset to your staff.

I am thankful to all the practitioners and staff members who have worked with me these past few months at Bodhizone in Gramercy and I very much look forward to the progress I make with them in the future.

All best,
Sales & Marketing, Blue Man Group NY

Richard- Lawrence, N.Y.

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

When I was laying in the Emergency Room, awaiting the verdict on my broken leg, I was looking for something to help me sustain a positive attitude. The first thing that came to mind was: “at least I will be able to go to Bodhizone for my physical rehabilitation.

Beverly- East Hampton, N.Y.

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

Bodhizone Physical Therapy has been a wonderful experience for me. My therapist recommended exercises that quickly started to positively affect my pain. His empathy and assessment of my pain helped me to gain confidence from the outset that I had made the right choice.

Jose- Bronx, N.Y.

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

My therapist was very enthusiastic and had a positive influence on my improvement. The technicians/aides were very courteous, helpful and friendly. The receptionists were very helpful and professional when it was necessary to reschedule my appointments. Excellent service, very clean facility, friendly, helpful, responsible and courteous staff. I felt at home.

Kyle & Craig- Manhattan, N.Y.

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

Once again, I would like to thank the entire team at Bodhizone for the excellent treatment and service that was provided for my daughter, Allison. Through your specialized program, Allison was able to make a tremendous amount of progress in a relatively short period of time. My husband and I are still amazed when we see Allison walking around the house without her walker, or when we see her squat down to pick up a toy without falling or having to hold on to something for stability.

Sabrina- Manhattan,N.Y.

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

I suffered from cervical radiculopathy for two years and went to many physical therapy clinics before I found Bodhizone. The staff therapists were so knowledgeable and within 5 treatments my arm was not tingling and my entire neck felt more flexible. My humble thanks to all, at this wonderful facility.

Otis- Fort Lee, N.J.

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

I have played sports and football my entire life and never had an injury until I tore cartilage and ligaments in my knee. I figured if Scott had worked with Olympic caliber athletes and can get them back in an event to win the gold, then he was going to be the man to get me back to the gridiron. All my appreciation to the staff at Bodhizone.

Sharon- Manhattan, N.Y.

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

After my pregnancy, I gained an extra 30 lbs. of weight that I couldn’t seem to lose in addition to suffering from severe low back pain. The staff and physical therapists at Bodhizone were able to alleviate my back pain and set up a fitness program that I follow to this day. They are so kind, knowledgeable and reassuring. For all of my physical ailments, I go to Bodhizone.

PanAm Games

Posted on Tuesday, September 2003

Dear Scott,

On behalf of the United States Olympic Committee, we thank you for your support of our 2003 Pan American Games delegation that competed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Our USA Team had considerable success at the Games earning a total of 271 overall medals including 117 golds. Much of our success can be attributed to you for supporting our American team with your hard work and dedication.

Again, thank you for your support and please keep in contact with us as you are a special member of our “Olympic Family”.

NY Liberty

Posted on Wednesday, January 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being written on behalf of Scot Weiss. Scott worked for me at Adelphi University as a student athletic trainer. At that time, I was the head athletic trainer and Scott was one of the many students that volunteered in the training program. Very early into Scott’s tenure with me, I realized that Scott was going to be one of my best students. Scott exemplified a willingness to learn and be challenged. He was able to juggle school, a job, and volunteering with us. Scott picked up things very quickly and as a result, his responsibilities within our athletic training room were greater than those of the other student trainers. I felt very comfortable having Scott cover practice on his own. He also traveled with our teams to away games and provided all treatments and cared for all injuries that occurred during the game. Scott also worked with the assistant athletic trainer on implementing the strength and conditioning program for the lacrosse team.

I now work with the New York State Liberty as the head athletic trainer and have consulted with Scott.

Federal Agent

Posted on Saturday, June 2011

Bodhizone for Human Performance & Sports Physical Therapy, P.C.
New York, NY 10022

Dear Scott,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to Scott Weiss and staff for their outstanding work. Several months ago I tore my knee ligaments while conducting defensive tactics training for my agency. Thanks to the physical and aquatic therapy programs designed by you therapists, I have made full recovery and returned to my assignment as a Federal Agent and Instructor for tactics training. I would also like to single out Scott for his innovative and demanding exercises which enabled me to recover stronger than ever.

In addition, your entire staff is cautious and caring. From making appointments to inquiring about progress, the staff at your therapy centercare about their patients.

Catherine Hartwell - Triathlete

Posted on Wednesday, July 2015


Wish I could see you tomorrow to tell you how awesome and pain-free my race went! 12:24:08. Way beyond my anticipated finish of 14 hours. Just exhausted last 10 miles. Wore both IT band straps and carried Advil but didn't need it. Thank you for ur help. Would not have destroyed my first ironman without your magic healing powers.